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The reach and complexity of today's broadcast radiofrequency environ-
  ment demand that engineers working within the industry have varied
  academic backgrounds and work experience, as well as access
  to sophisticated computer technology. At dLR, our capabilities include:

    Frequency Allocation
    On a daily basis, dLR analyzes such matters as moving an AM or FM     station to a new community, and evaluating the existing allocation situation     of a station to determine if a station’s coverage area can be improved.

    Coverage Studies
    With an array of different signal propagation models and highly accurate     terrain databases, dLR analyzes the predicted coverage of broadcast

    AM Antenna System Design
    dLR specializes in the improvement of AM antenna systems by improving     the bandwidth of narrowband antenna systems and evaluating
    antenna systems for IBOC compliance.

    TV Repack Implementation
    The FCC is freeing broadcast bandwidth for wireless broadband use.       dLR is positioned to assist stations with all technical aspects of the
    channel transition

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