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  Ronald D. Rackley
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  Ron is an electrical engineering graduate (BSEE) of Clemson   University, where his studies were specialized in the area of   electromagnetic fields. He worked at both radio and television
  stations beginning in his high school years, serving as chief radio   operator of one radio station and as a consultant to other nearby
  radio stations while in college. Following completion of his formal   education, he worked for two different engineering firms -
  Palmer A. Greer & Associates in Greenville, South Carolina
  and Jules Cohen & Associates in Washington, DC. Ron also
  worked for a major manufacturer of antenna system equipment,   Kintronic Laboratories in Bristol, Tennessee. In 1983, Ron
  co-founded du Treil - Rackley Consulting Engineers, based in   Washington, DC. From that time, he has served as a principal
  of the firm - which was combined with A. D. Ring & Associates
  to form du Treil, Lundin & Rackley, Inc. in 1987. - continued

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