L.J.N. du Treil (page 1 of 2)
   Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co., Radio Engineer Associate, Pre-1917
   U.S. Navy, World War I, 1917-19
   Radiomarine Corp.of America, 1920-21
   Federal Communications Commission, Associate
   Member of the Institute of Radio Engineers
   Chairman of the New Orleans Sect. Institute of Radio Engineers
   Numerous papers and articles on radio and associated subjects
   Father of Louis Robert du Treil, Sr. and grandfather of Bob du Treil, Jr.

   L.J.N. “Joe” du Treil, was an electrical engineering graduate of the Immaculate Conception    College (generally known as Jesuit College, and later Loyola) and was soon employed
   with American Marconi as a wireless operator. In 1913 the University determined that
   they would organize a Wireless operation; a radio station to serve as a public relations    device. In 1919 Joe returned to New Orleans to become the Assistant Supervisor of    American Marconi’s Gulf Division, and by 1921 had joined the Radio Service Section’s
   New Orleans district office as field inspector. He was quickly recruited by an old university    friend, Edward T. Cassidy, S.J., to assist on the University’s radio project. Cassidy was    heading up the Radio School at the time, and had been charged with the project’s    responsibility. du Treil’s experience and position proved most beneficial. Together they    worked to secure the necessary equipment to bring the radio station into being. A $400    donation received from a ship’s captain was converted to the starting capital for New
   Orleans’ first radio station. - continued

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