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Ron and Bob, 1985

L.J.N. du Treil
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NRBA Press Release
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  du Treil - Rackley, Consulting Engineers
  Louis Robert “Bob” du Treil, Sr. has engineering in his blood. Bob’s father,
  L.J.N. du Treil, was an electrical engineering graduate, and employed
  with American Marconi. His grandfather, Eugene N. du Treil was a process   engineer in a manufacturing facility. A graduate of Louisiana State
  University at Lafayette, Bob began work in the broadcast business   immediately after graduation. He joined the firm of John H. Mullaney &   Associates in Washington, DC in 1960. In 1967, he joined his father’s   consulting firm in New Orleans, but returned to Washington, DC three
  years later. Soon after, he joined the firm of Jules Cohen & Associates,   becoming a partner in the firm in 1977. Bob started his own consulting firm
  in 1983 as L.R. du Treil, P.E., and later formed a partnership with Ron   Rackley, with the firm name of du Treil-Rackley, Consulting Engineers.

  Ronald Rackley worked in radio and television stations from a very early   age,
and attended Clemson University. His natural progression and   graduation made him attractive as an engineer to consulting firms. He   eventually went to work as a staff engineer at Jules Cohen & Associates
  and that is where he met Bob du Treil. The two would pair up for a life-long   professional relationship.

  After co-founding du Treil-Rackley, Consulting Engineers, Bob and Ron
  were fortunate to land many good clients, be called upon for expert   testimony in pivotal cases, and be selected as the engineering counsel
  to the NRBA. As the firm grew it became lucrative and attractive.
  Meanwhile, the firm of A.D. Ring had numerous retirements taking place
  and John Lundin, acting as President, recognized the valuable experience
  and talents of both Bob and Ron. Mutual benefits brought these firms
  together in the spirit of creating a formidable and respectable industry
  leader. One of the oldest firms and one of the youngest firms combined   talents to continue providing technical leadership to the broadcast and   communications industry.

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