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Harold Kassens
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  Dataworld, which had been operating as a separate division of Ring &   Associates to provide computer services to the industry, became   incorporated. Dick Biby, then an employee of Ring, was named
  Vice-President of Dataworld. John Lundin took over as Vice-President
  when Biby resigned. In 1975, Harold Kassens retired as Deputy Chief
  of the FCC Broadcast Bureau and became a partner in the firm.
  John Lundin was made a partner in the firm in 1980. Marvin Blumberg
  and Harold Kassens retired in 1982, but remained active consultants to
  the firm. Dataworld was sold to two businessmen from the broadcast   industry, Jack Neff and Pat Gallagher, in 1983. Ogden Prestholdt and   Howard Head retired in 1984 and 1986, respectively. In 1987, then acting   President, John Lundin made the monumental decision to merge the firm   with du Treil - Rackley, Consulting Engineers and form du Treil, Lundin &   Rackley, Inc., a subsidiary of AD Ring & Associates. In 1997 A. D. Ring
  was dissolved, leaving du Treil, Lundin &   Rackley, Inc., and other   successive entities.


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