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Ogden Prestholdt
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  In 1952, Kershner and Head were made partners, and the name
  was once again refined to A.D. Ring & Associates. Charlie Wright
  and Marvin Blumberg were hired as associates, and soon became
  partners as well (in 1956 and 1960, respectively). With Ralph Cannon,
  Ken Owens, and the partnership of five, the firm of Delta Electronics, Inc.
  was founded to manufacture field equipment used in the broadcast
  consulting industry. Later, Kershner and Wright resigned to form their own   firm, buying out Delta from the other five stockholders. A young engineering   student, John A. Lundin was hired in 1967. He soon got his degree and his   Professional Engineering License, and would later lead the firm as   president. Andrew Donald Ring retired from active practice in 1969.
  Ogden Prestholdt, then Chief Engineer for CBS Radio, joined and became
  a partner of A.D. Ring & Associates. In 1971, the firm of Kear and Kennedy   suffered difficulties following the death of Bob Kennedy. Ring & Associates   took over the assets of K&K. This transaction was reported to Andy Ring
  and Ralph Clark by radiotelephone while they were aboard a cruise ship   anchored off the Galapagos Islands. Subsequently, Dr. Frank Kear was   enticed  from retirement and became a partner in the expanded Ring &   Associates.

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