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Andrew Donald Ring

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  General Electric Company
, Radio Engineer; 1925-29
  Federal Radio Commission
, Senior Radio Engineer, 1929-34
, Asst. Chief Engineer, 1934-41   
  Private Consulting Radio Engineer, 1941-69
  Member of the Institute of Radio Engineers

  Andrew Ring graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the   University of Tennessee in 1925. Just four years later, at the age of 30,
  he became a principal engineer at the Federal Radio Commission, and
  was responsible for the development of early technical regulations for the   radio industry. At its inception in 1934, Ring became the Assistant Chief   Engineer for the Federal Communications Commission. The publication of   the Standards of Good Engineering Practice for AM Radio Stations in 1939   was one of the notable achievements of the early FCC. It was prepared
  under the direction of the FCC’s “able and irascible assistant chief
  engineer," Andrew D. Ring, who later became a prominent consulting   engineer. The document established the minimum performance standards
  for station equipment and provided detailed rules for AM station frequency   assignment. It soon became the "bible" for engineers planning new stations.
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