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  Decades of Distinction
With roots dating back to the early Federal Radio Commission,
  dLR is credited with many constructive contributions to the Broadcasting   Industry. By developing breakthrough technologies, through our affiliation
  with the AFCCE as a founding member, working with the FCC, and by   offering access to our knowledge  base and innovations, our firm has   transitioned from being a pioneer into being an outstanding leader in the   Broadcast and Communications Community.

  In 1987, the consulting firms of du Treil - Rackley and A.D. Ring
  and Associates merged to become du Treil, Lundin & Rackley, Inc.,
  which at that time was a subsidiary of A.D. Ring, P.A.
  One of the oldest firms and one of the youngest firms combined talents
  to continue providing technical services to the broadcasting and   communications industry, both domestically and abroad. With the
  growing usage of electronic communication, our firm no longer felt
  it necessary to remain in Washington, DC. Consequently, in January,
  1993, the firm permanently established headquarters in Sarasota, Florida.
  We are pleased that many of our professionals chose to relocate
  with us. And since then, we have been expanding our company to
  serve the growing number of clients and to fulfill their diverse needs.
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